Studentenwohnheim Tour

These are photos of my student apartment in Heidelberg.

The apartment itself is fairly small but I only was sharing it with one roommate, so it was more than enough space. I was lucky enough to live with a German roommate, who studied at the university full time, so she had stocked the kitchen with cooking supplies and utensils that she let me use too. However, my friends who lived with other international students had to buy all of their cooking and eating supplies.

My room was huge. It’s nearly as big as my room at home. I honestly think I’m going to miss it — it was so nice.

I lived in an area called Neuenheimer Feld, which housed many other student apartment buildings like mine along with hospitals, a zoo, a gym, a Jugendherberge (youth hostel) , sports fields/tennis court, cafeteria and a huge supermarket. Neuenheimer Feld, therefore, was a fairly convenient place to live outside of the Altstadt. However, all of my German and English courses were in the Altstadt, making Neuenheimer Feld less convenient for me, as it’s roughly a 20-30 minute bus ride to my University stop in the Altstadt.


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