Battling Homesickness

This is the first time I’ve left America and even the first time I’ve been more than two hours away from my family. Therefore, it’s probably not that surprising that I’ve had bouts of homesickness even within the first few days of arrival. The thing is that homesickness, just like a cold or cough, eventually passes, though it may take some measures or medicine to cure. For me, the internet/wifi has helped immensely. Being able to contact my family even for only a couple of minutes everyday makes me feel like I’m not so far away. When I couldn’t communicate with them at all the first few days, I felt the most alone and homesick that I have so far during the time I’ve been here even though I was really busy and tired and having fun. I’ve also found that having things to look forward to in the new environment also helps to keep me from being jealous of the people back home and wanting to do the things they’re doing at home.

Honestly, making friends abroad is the best possible way to prevent homesickness, especially other international students. You can talk about your struggles to adapt with them and about missing your family or missing how something is done in your home country and they’ll understand because they’re going through the same thing too.


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