Why Germany?

I could have chosen to study abroad almost anywhere in the world and of all those possible places I picked Germany.


Well, a big reason is that I have been studying the German language since I was 13 and, during that ongoing process, have learned a fair amount about German history and culture. After hearing about all of the history of the amazing cities in Germany and seeing pictures of the beautiful architecture, all I wanted to do was explore it for myself and see if it was all I imagined it to be.

Another reason I chose Germany over someplace like Italy (I studied Latin for even longer and have always dreamt of visiting Rome and Pompeii), is because it’s in the heart of Europe, which makes it a lot closer to many different places. Also Germany is not a particularly popular choice in terms of traveling for the people I know (outside of Munich for Oktoberfest), which made it seem like more of an adventure than going to a country that so many other people I knew had explored. Going to a more mysterious unknown place made me feel like an old-school explorer setting out into the unknown.

I am a bit in love with castles too. Germany has so many castles that it’s insane, which certainly influenced my decision.


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