Top 10 Foods

I’ve tried a fair amount of German food now, from the Mensa, restaurants and homemade meals in hostels. So far I’ve liked most of what I’ve tried, but one of my friends from America also studying abroad in Germany told me that she doesn’t like most German food. There are also many stereotypes about what Germans eat and drink in America (namely meat and beer). So I decided to compile a list of the ten best German foods I’ve eaten so far. (I don’t know all of the proper names for the foods since in the Mensa and in hostels it doesn’t alway say what everything is or the name is in German)

  1. Schnitzel (This is probably the most popular meat people expect to have in Germany and it is definitely my favorite.)
  2. Berliners (Germany does donuts right – I’ve never had a better donut in all my life and I normally really don’t like donuts with filling inside.)
  3. Pastries (I can’t even begin to limit them down. I’ve eaten a pastry almost everyday that I’ve been here and regret nothing, despite the inevitable weight I’ll gain.)
  4. German style fried potatoes (They’re like the tater tots of Germany and I’m obsessed with them. I get them every single time I see them in the Mensa. Truthfully, all the different types of )
  5. Döner (I’m obsessed with Döner boxes, especially from Yufkas in Heidelberg. I eat at least one every other week.)
  6. Pombears (Especially the Ketchup flavor. They’re these snacks in Germany and they taste kind of like bbq chips but with a better texture. My English friend was also obsessed with them.)
  7. Käsespätzle (Tastes like Mac-n-Cheese with egg noodles instead of macaroni.)
  8.  Yogurt (I eat so much greek yogurt at home and was really bummed I couldn’t find any at the grocery stores by me but then I tried German yogurt. It’s really cheap and so good especially when it’s homemade.)
  9. True Fruits Smoothies (They’re delicious and have the recipe on the side of the bottle. I especially loved the green one. They’re only sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland so drink as many as you can while you can.)
  10. Currywurst and other Sausages (Currywurst is a Bratwurst soaked in Ketchup with curry powder sprinkled on top. As someone who previously liked neither sausage nor curry, I was really reluctant to try it, but on a trip with a super picky eater I spontaneously decided to try it (since the sausage stand was the only place she’d buy food from) and loved it. Now I love sausage and am more open to new foods.)

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