Venice is both a magical and mysterious place. From haunted houses and murder and mayhem tours to delicious gelato and gorgeously ornate buildings, Venice has everything. I can’t imagine having a bad experience here, even after getting hopelessly lost in the endless labyrinth of allies for at least an hour.

I visited Venice in April with a friend I’d only known for a month. We stayed for two days (our longest stay in one place during our April travels together). Having more time than a day in one place makes such a difference in the experience. We were both able to relax more while sightseeing figuring that we didn’t have to pack everything into a day. We also spent more money to stay in a nicer airbnb since we were going to be there for more than a night, which it made a huge difference for us to actually stay in Venice and not have to rely on bussing to get in and out if we wanted to get an early start or stay out late.

The weather was beautiful when we went with Venice being unseasonably warm. There were markets spread everywhere, which I personally loved. I bought a box of fresh strawberries from one stall and they were unbelievably delicious. Venice also offers incredible and super cheap gelato and pastries (like 1-2 euro cheap). My favorite pastries that I had in my entire life were from this one tiny bakery by the airbnb we stayed in. (They were so good that I took a picture of the bakery just in case I ever get to go back to Venice.)

My biggest regret was not seeing more of Italy during my time in Europe (especially Rome 😦 since I’ve studied Latin for years), but I’m so grateful that I got to experience Venice.


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