Why Heidelberg?

This question is certainly easier and has a better answer after having lived there. Before, my answer would have been something along the lines of--it's beautiful and there's a castle. Now, I have too many reasons to list. It's beautiful and there's a castle.  Honestly, the view of the castle shrouded by mist from across … Continue reading Why Heidelberg?


Why Germany?

I could have chosen to study abroad almost anywhere in the world and of all those possible places I picked Germany. Why? Well, a big reason is that I have been studying the German language since I was 13 and, during that ongoing process, have learned a fair amount about German history and culture. After hearing … Continue reading Why Germany?


The roughly eight hour flight over to Germany literally flew by (no pun intended), even with the layover in Iceland. Once I arrived in Frankfurt, I met up the other two students from my home university and we split a cab over to Heidelberg University, where we received our housing information and the information we … Continue reading Arrival