Top 10 Foods

I've tried a fair amount of German food now, from the Mensa, restaurants and homemade meals in hostels. So far I've liked most of what I've tried, but one of my friends from America also studying abroad in Germany told me that she doesn't like most German food. There are also many stereotypes about what … Continue reading Top 10 Foods


Eating Out in Heidelberg

Below is a list of my (and my friends') favorite restaurants in Heidelberg and a brief (emphasis on brief) description of them. Vetter's : An old brewery, famous for once having the world's strongest beer (Vetter's 33). Vetter's is a great, though not cheap, restaurant in Heidelberg for traditional German cuisine. I ate here a couple … Continue reading Eating Out in Heidelberg

Studentenwohnheim Tour

These are photos of my student apartment in Heidelberg. The apartment itself is fairly small but I only was sharing it with one roommate, so it was more than enough space. I was lucky enough to live with a German roommate, who studied at the university full time, so she had stocked the kitchen with cooking … Continue reading Studentenwohnheim Tour