Top 10 Foods

I've tried a fair amount of German food now, from the Mensa, restaurants and homemade meals in hostels. So far I've liked most of what I've tried, but one of my friends from America also studying abroad in Germany told me that she doesn't like most German food. There are also many stereotypes about what … Continue reading Top 10 Foods


Top Five Places I’ve met People from

Below is a list of the top ten most common places that the people I've met during my language course have been from. Italy (I don't know why but I've met so many people from Italy). The US/Canada (I guess that all of us native english speakers tend to group together so it's fairly easy … Continue reading Top Five Places I’ve met People from

Top Ten Differences

These are the top ten random differences that I've noticed in Germany from America (the northeast). I've chosen mostly small non-serious things because these were just the first things I noticed that struck me as strange on the first couple of days. Faucets and locks turn the opposite way. (I don't know why this struck … Continue reading Top Ten Differences