I should probably confess that I have a bias towards German-speaking countries before I start this post. When I was traveling I by far felt the most comfortable in those countries, likely because I could speak and understand enough of the language to get by. Of the countries I visited, Austria was my favorite. Being … Continue reading Vienna



Prague is definitely one of the coolest cities I've visited and I've visited a few now. It's rich in legends and stories, which made touring it really interesting. The tour guides mix legends into the history of beautiful and famous sites. Prague also had peacocks and swans just roaming around, which was really cool to … Continue reading Prague


I visited Paris last week and my friend who is living there. Paris was incredibly beautiful and there is so much to see. The louvre is free for all european students under 26, so even if you're an american studying abroad for a semester like myself, as soon as you have a student ID card … Continue reading Paris

The Black Forest

The pictures don't do the black forest justice. It was incredibly beautiful and surprisingly warm (don't let the snow fool you). I stayed in a cozy hostel with other students from my home university in America, which was only a 30-45 minute walk from a trail leading to one of mountain peaks in the black … Continue reading The Black Forest

Top Five Places I’ve met People from

Below is a list of the top ten most common places that the people I've met during my language course have been from. Italy (I don't know why but I've met so many people from Italy). The US/Canada (I guess that all of us native english speakers tend to group together so it's fairly easy … Continue reading Top Five Places I’ve met People from

Battling Homesickness

This is the first time I've left America and even the first time I've been more than two hours away from my family. Therefore, it's probably not that surprising that I've had bouts of homesickness even within the first few days of arrival. The thing is that homesickness, just like a cold or cough, eventually … Continue reading Battling Homesickness


Pictures from my recent trip to Frankfurt with the student group ESN. Mostly the pictures are from the free alternative walking tour that we took (open and free to anyone of all ages) and that I personally recommend because we got to learn some really cool non-touristy things about the city that we otherwise would … Continue reading Frankfurt