Venice is both a magical and mysterious place. From haunted houses and murder and mayhem tours to delicious gelato and gorgeously ornate buildings, Venice has everything. I can't imagine having a bad experience here, even after getting hopelessly lost in the endless labyrinth of allies for at least an hour. I visited Venice in April … Continue reading Venice



I visited Salzburg during my second trip to Austria, which, as I mentioned in the post about Vienna, was my favorite country I visited. Salzburg is a big part of the reason why I enjoyed Austria more than other more famous countries like France. Salzburg is a fairly small city by the German boarder. The … Continue reading Salzburg

Top 10 Foods

I've tried a fair amount of German food now, from the Mensa, restaurants and homemade meals in hostels. So far I've liked most of what I've tried, but one of my friends from America also studying abroad in Germany told me that she doesn't like most German food. There are also many stereotypes about what … Continue reading Top 10 Foods

Why Heidelberg?

This question is certainly easier and has a better answer after having lived there. Before, my answer would have been something along the lines of--it's beautiful and there's a castle. Now, I have too many reasons to list. It's beautiful and there's a castle.  Honestly, the view of the castle shrouded by mist from across … Continue reading Why Heidelberg?

Eating Out in Heidelberg

Below is a list of my (and my friends') favorite restaurants in Heidelberg and a brief (emphasis on brief) description of them. Vetter's : An old brewery, famous for once having the world's strongest beer (Vetter's 33). Vetter's is a great, though not cheap, restaurant in Heidelberg for traditional German cuisine. I ate here a couple … Continue reading Eating Out in Heidelberg

Pre-Semester Language Course

At Heidelberg University, there is a one month long German Language Course offered in March about two months before the Summer Semester begins. I would recommend this course to everyone no matter their confidence or interest level in the german language. One reason is because this is an easy way to meet and become friends … Continue reading Pre-Semester Language Course


If you're an international student (or any student really) at Heidelberg University then you can go on super inexpensive "excursions" around Germany. The day-trips cost about 16-25 euros each and include transportation, a tour guide (who will only speak German), and the entrance fee to select attractions. There are also longer weekend trips, such as … Continue reading Excursions